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Sri Lanka's President Faces Tough Election
NEW DELHI—. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, seeking a third term in Thursday's elections, is facing an unexpected and powerful challenge from one of his former aides. When he called the election two years ahead of schedule, the island nation's ...

Lanka opportunity
By making Delhi the destination for his first visit after assuming office, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has underlined his intention to build a close relationship with India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also confirmed his state visit ...

Little Girl Has Unexpected, But Completely Logical Reason For Disliking Cats
There are cat people. There are dog people. But not all of us can eloquently explain why we're on the side we're on. Three-year-old Alma has no problem, however. While on vacation with mom Emma Seabrook in Sri Lanka recently, Alma noticed lots of ...

Pope Francis Sees Limits to Freedom of Speech
They make fun of them. What happens is what happens with my friend [who insults my mother]. There is a limit.” The pope made the comments during an in-flight news conference from Sri Lanka to Manila, where he took up the second leg of a weeklong tour ...

Documentary Tells Story Of Trafficking Victims Forced To Bring Home "$40, No ...
He approaches the window and explains to Judd and Goodwin that he's waiting on one of three girls to return from her appointment with an abuser. He expects her to return with "$40, no less." "A Path Appears" -- based off of a book with the same name by ...

Afghans Find Passion in the Cricket World Cup
“The ACB…is striving to ensure that young women and girls are able to enjoy and participate in the game. This development .... Other teams in Afghanistan's group include 2011 finalist Sri Lanka, England and co-hosts New Zealand and Australia ...

Too Little Support for Women's Soccer, FIFA
FIFA says more than 30 million women and girls are playing soccer. Few seem to ... New Zealand had a resounding win over South Africa while Sri Lanka was beaten by Zimbabwe in two surprising results from Wednesday's pre-World Cup warm-up matches.

Narendra Modi may visit Sri Lanka in March
Speaking to journalists after his first visit in his new capacity, Sri Lanka's new foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera said, "The new government wanted to demonstrate importance of restoring friendly ties with our neighbour." Samaraweera said external ...

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