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Ex-Mayor Jane Byrne left colorful legacy during time of change
But after being thwarted in her attempts to advance her agenda, she was drawn to the power structure she had fought against. “She was somewhat overwhelmed by her victory and to an extent frightened by it,” remembered Don Rose, a key adviser.

After Dark: Meet Darrell Thorne, Artist And Nightlife Personality
As time passed, my skills improved and I met more people and eventually started to get bookings for work. I've been fortunate to catch the eyes of some well-connected people -- such as Earl Dax, Muffinhead, Susanne Bartsch, Brandon Voss -- all of whom ...

Memoir reveals love between state Sen. Penny Severns, journalist
The hidden marriage of the late state Sen. Penny ... “People can get married, have all the legal rights of marriage and celebrate their love. ... Severns' youngest sister, Marsha, had died of breast cancer; twin sister Patty's breast cancer was in ...

Progressive Dems: Obama Should Push Economic Executive Actions After ...
... that contractors wouldn't interfere with worker efforts to unionize. Branded as "More Than the Minimum," the proposals are being pushed by Good Jobs Nation, a labor group backed by the Change to Win union federation, and other progressive allies.

Patti Smith to play Rome holiday show for second time
Rock poet and former metro Detroiter Patti Smith will return for a second consecutive performance at an annual Christmas concert near Vatican City. Smith, who played the same event last December, has been tabbed again for the show, which will feature ...

12 Things You May Not Know About 'Steel Magnolias'
Posted: 11/14/2014 8:16 am EST Updated: 11/14/2014 7:59 pm EST. Share 5757 ... Stark wasn't the only one, but his offer to shoot in Harling's hometown -- and a guarantee that he'd "get the greatest cast you can imagine" -- became the winning bid. The ...

White House Presses States To End Ebola Quarantine: Report
In a Dallas Morning News op-ed and subsequent CNN interview, Hickox described being detained for hours in "a frenzy of disorganization" at the airport. "This is an extreme that is really unacceptable, and I feel like my basic human rights have been ...

Thomas Frank on Ronald Reagan's secret tragedy: How '70s and '80s cynicism ...
But I also confess to being biased: Not only do I feel nostalgia for many of the events the book describes—Hank Aaron's pursuit of the home run record, for example—but I have been friends with Rick since long ago, when he was in college and The ...

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