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Obama to issue work permits to 5 million illegal immigrants THURSDAY
'And so what I'm going to be laying out is the things that I can do with my lawful authority as President to make the system work better, even as I continue to work with Congress to encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve ...

'Being away from my children while touring was heartbreaking. I felt so guilty...'
FAMILY: Daughter of the late Patty and Kevin Black, Mary is married to Joe O'Reilly and has three children: Conor (33), Danny (29) and Roisin (26). She is also grandmother to Bonnie (two) and Fia (five months). BEING A GRANNY: "I have great craic with ...

How do you make a marriage last 78 years?
"Because I am Catholic and Herman is Lutheran, when we got married nobody thought that marriage was going to last," said Madeline. "I was determined it was, and it did. We're still Catholic and Lutheran, we go to the two churches." Herman offers ...

CPD's top cop pops question, gets engaged to Chicago lawyer
“I tease her that I didn't have to propose — I just had to comply,” said McCarthy, who claims Kristin “has been telling me recently we didn't need to get engaged first. Getting married was OK.” So four days ago, McCarthy secretly picked up a diamond ...

Gay couple celebrates with 2nd wedding
Four same-sex couples have been issued marriage licenses in Brown County since the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the ruling that made them legal in Wisconsin, County Clerk Sandy Juno said. In all, 26 same-sex couples have married this ...

Kenny G is great at driving people away
In addition to being a reliably popular performer, he also holds the distinction of having recorded the country's unofficial closing-time anthem. His 1989 hit “Going Home” has for the past 25 years been the signal to clear out of malls and other public ...

Supreme Court rejects appeals, clears way for gay marriage
The court's order effectively makes gay marriage legal in 30 states. Couples in six other states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — should be able to get married in short order. Those states would be bound ...

Shooting Of Teen Vonderrit Myers Sparks Protests In St. Louis
Transgender · Bisexual · Lesbian · Gay Marriage · Don't Ask, Don't Tell · Voice to Voice · Poll Position. You Might Also Like ... Darren Wilson's Statement Fails To Mention Michael Brown 2014-11-24 22:39:27; Image for Ferguson Grand Jury Decision ...

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