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Celebrity birthdays for the week of May 24-30
Singer Patti LaBelle is 71. Actress Priscilla Presley is 70. Country singer-songwriter Mike Reid is 68. Actor Jim Broadbent is 66. Actor Alfred Molina is 62. Singer Rosanne Cash is 60. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas is 55. Bassist Jimmy Ashhurst of ...

The View Drama: After Barbara Walters' Departure, Battles Have Ensued
“Or I'll correct them if they get a fact wrong,” she says, recalling the morning she heard one of the panelists say “oil from Syria,” and grabbed the phone to alert the control room that Syria is not currently an oil exporter. .... the show—the uproar ...

Cape Codder Gets PGA Award
We get to see genius first hand. I am thankful for the opportunity to live that life. It's an unusual life. My best friends live nowhere near me. I'm in Massachusetts. Dan Jenkins and his brilliant wife June, live in Texas and I cherish our dinners ...

Bill O'Reilly Accused of Physically Assaulting His Ex-Wife
Read all the details from court about Bill O'Reilly allegedly dragging his ex-wife down a staircase by her neck- Radar Chrissy Teigen comments on the lady who tripped on her dress- Gossip Cop Get your 1st look at Chace Crawford's new ABC series- - Jr ...

Inside the List
Ayaan Hirsi Ali would seem to fit the bill: Born in Somalia to a Muslim family, she fled to the Netherlands rather than submit to a forced marriage, and has since been vocal in chastising radical Islam for its embrace of violence as well as its ...

Neocons' humiliating defeat: How the hotheads lost the Senate's Iran debate
Bob Menendez (D-NJ) explained during the mark-up that he originally included that language before the preliminary framework emerged and made clear that the deal won't lift terrorism-related sanctions — the White House figures it might as well get on ...

Senate Dems' Iran trap: Why congressional review would sabotage a nuclear deal
As the New York Times points out, Khamenei's comments “could be tactical, intended to give both the negotiators and himself some political space to get hard-liners and others slowly accustomed to the framework of a deal.” Indeed, they had better just ...

'Get Hard' review: Uneven satire scores some zingers, but also blunders
In fact, Darnell owns the carwashing company, is a devoted husband and father, and aspires to move his family into a better school district. But in exchange for the down payment on a house, he's willing, as he explains to his wife, to “be every ...

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