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Security and Defense: A League of Nations fighting terror
In my book The Counter- Terrorism Puzzle: A Guide for Decision Makers, published a decade ago, I offered the reader a new doctrine for fighting terrorism – on defense/security, intelligence, legislation and moral- psychological issues. The 10th chapter ...

The Formulation of a Counterterrorism Strategy
In most cases, their tendency is to simplify the complex picture. For example, the emerging trend in the Western world today is to change the international discourse from “counterterrorism” to “countering violent extremism.” This trend is profoundly ...

From State Chemical Warfare to Chemical Terrorism
A colleague in Israel received the first photos of this attack and we analyzed them in Israel. He later published an article about this event (see the article at ainst-the-kurds). Since then ...

Recent Jihadi Discourse Pertaining to Aviation Threats
During the last few weeks, there has been a growing trend of lively discourse on the Shumukh Al-Islam forum about flight and aircraft. The downing of the Russian Kogalymavia Airlines plane in the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, 2015 increased the scope ...

A lively forum for authors, book lovers
Rajiv C. Lochan (second from left), CEO, The Hindu Group; Dr. Nirmala Lakshman (left), Director of The Hindu Group and curator of Lit For Life, and Saleem Yousuff, Area Director & GM, Taj Coromandel, look on. The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister ...

Pranab's memoirs: Quite perceptive
The title “The Turbulent Years: 1980-96” is most appropriate of that period that remains etched in the memory of those of us who were 20-plus then. We now have an insider's view of those events, coming from a man who held key positions at the top.

How the Chinese Yuan Devaluation Will Affect India
China stunned the world's financial markets again on Wednesday by devaluing the yuan for the second straight day. The currency hit a four-year low after the People's Bank of China (PBoC) set the yuan's daily mid-point even weaker than Tuesday's ...

Summary of Terrorist Incidents and CT Operations: May 2015
On May 16, a US led special forces killed a high ranking IS militant named Abu Sayaff and arrested his wife Umm Sayaff, during an overnight counter terrorist raid in Deir Ezzor province. During the raid 31 other IS militants were killed. US authorities ...

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