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Blast from the Past: Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1977)
Little wonder, like the proverbial moth, Rajeev –– Shashi Kapoor as a glorified extra masquerading as a hero –– is drawn to her candle, bright and burning. Her voice is attractive, her songs more so. He longs to ... Then the reality strikes; the woman ...

US hand in Sri Lanka's triumph over terrorism
The remaining aircraft consisted of two Searcher MK II Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and one US built Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, deployed for photo reconnaissance. The SLAF took .... It would be pertinent to mention that the US also influenced the EU ...

Colosceum gets Siddharth Anand Kumar on board
MUMBAI: It was in July that Lalit Sharma, who was part of the founding team with Ajit Andhare and Rajiv Lakshman, took charge as the CEO of Colosceum. And since then he has been working hard to take the production house, which saw a few senior exits in ...

Peppered with controversy
Outside, the afternoon air is warm and sticky. We, however, are cool enough as we wait for former Central Bureau of Investigation director Joginder Singh inside the air conditioned lobby of hotel Hyatt Regency. But we know his new book, recently ...

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