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Sara Netanyahu honored by Jewish leaders
At Jewish Federation event in New York, Sara Netanyahu, the wife of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, receives recognition for her work with wounded soldiers and bereaved families during Operation Protective Edge this summer. Shlomo Cesana, Danny Brenner, ...

'ISIS and Hamas -- branches of the same poisonous tree'
In U.N. General Assembly address, PM Benjamin Netanyahu says PA President Mahmoud Abbas responsible for war crimes committed by Hamas • Netanyahu: The gravest threat to the world today is the danger of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Shlomo ...

China's new Middle East special envoy visits Israel
Gong Xiaosheng meets in Jerusalem with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Tzachi Hanegbi • Gong says China attaches great importance to developing friendly and cooperative relations with Israel. Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff.

Netanyahu to deliver 'razor sharp' address at UN
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to respond to accusations against Israel by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and PA President Mahmoud Abbas • Netanyahu meets Indian PM on sidelines of U.N. General Assembly, tells him "the sky is the ...

WATCH: Creative approaches to a 2-state solution
Was the plan to give the Palestinians a state in the Sinai Peninsula one that could have worked? • Are there better alternatives? • Watch as Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot and columnist Ruthie Blum discuss the future of a two-state solution. Israel ...

PA to have role in administrating Gaza crossings
Hamas officials say unity government agreement does not include any restriction or reduction of Hamas' military wing or the other armed terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip • Palestinian Authority will fund government expenses, field police forces in Gaza.

Turkey joins anti-Islamic State coalition
Erdogan: "Whatever is Turkey's role, Turkey will play it" • A Western-backed opposition force of 12,000 to 15,000 would be needed to retake areas of eastern Syria controlled by the militants, says U.S. military chief Gen. Martin Dempsey. Daniel Siryoti ...

'The fighting has only just begun,' Islamic State declares
Latest ISIS propaganda film shows mass execution of captured Syrian soldiers • ISIS command structure, "war cabinet" revealed in new report • Daily Mail: Western hostages tortured, forced to fight one another for the entertainment of their captors. Eli ...

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