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UN calls for 'immediate unconditional' truce in Gaza
Israel observes "unlimited" halt to fire, will only respond if attacked, official says • U.N. presidential statement echoes U.S. President Barack Obama's call on Israel to "end hostilities now and reach a permanent cessation of hostilities." News ...

'This is war and we are winning'
Israel Hayom reporter Lilach Shoval enters Gaza for a rare account from inside the Strip • "The Palestinians need to realize that terrorism doesn't pay," says Givati Brigade commander, adding that the homefront needs to know that "we are protecting it.".

8 Palestinians killed in West Bank riots over weekend
More than 1,000 rioters arrested and some 200 indicted • Israel Police worry riots may spill over into Israeli cities • Border police officer wounded by stone thrown at him • Stabbing attack against police officer in Jerusalem thwarted. Itsik Saban ...

Israel: Fighting taking toll on Hamas' motivation
More than 70 Hamas operatives surrender, officials say • Terrorists have 50 percent fewer rockets than at start of Operation Protective Edge, military hedges • Israel denies firing at UNRWA school sheltering displaced Palestinians, blames Hamas.

The first Gaza war
Any final reckoning will have to deal with the psychological aspects: What each side will take from this conflict, and to what extent each side will be deterred from seeking another round of fighting in the future. Yoav Limor. On an hourly basis, IDF ...

Israel kills top Islamic Jihad figure; rocket hits Ashkelon home
Israeli cabinet set to decide on possible cease-fire • "The aims of Hamas are very similar to those of the Nazis -- the annihilation of the Jews," says Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman • Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Eilat from Sinai Peninsula ...

Emergency call: 'I've been kidnapped,' boy says
Police acknowledge wrongful handling of abducted teen's call for help, but say the triple murder could not have been prevented • Tapes reveal kidnappers sounded calls of joy after killing at least one of the boys. Reuters, Israel Hayom Staff and Itsik ...

World, regional leaders intensify Gaza cease-fire efforts
For first time since diplomatic rift, Qatari emir flies to Saudi Arabia late Tuesday for surprise meeting with Saudi king • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Israel after meeting Egyptian president, speaking to Qatari and Turkish foreign ministers ...

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