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Hamas leaders bicker over cease-fire with Israel
Political bureau chief Mashaal has not welcomed the cease-fire and according to some reports has said it underscored a colossal failure on the part of Hamas • Only several thousand attend Hamas-organized celebration in the Gaza Strip. Daniel Siryoti.

Hamas 'finance minister' killed in IAF airstrike
Israeli Air Force targets car in which top Hamas accountant Mohammed al-Ghoul was traveling • Ghoul killed instantly as cash from his car scatters in all directions • Two other senior Hamas operatives killed in Gaza Strip as IAF strikes over 50 targets.

Hamas releases video said to show Israeli drone
Amateur video released by Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades shows masked Hamas fighter holding parts of Israeli drone claimed to have been intercepted in Gaza's Shujaiyya neighborhood • Israeli officials decline to comment on the drone or Hamas claim.

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What is the future of Gaza's leadership? • Once Operation Protective Edge ends, should control of the Gaza Strip be transferred to the Palestinian Authority? • Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot and columnist Ruthie Blum discuss Gaza's future. Israel ...

Lieberman slams 'hypocritical' UN Human Rights Council
"The State of Israel must not cooperate with this commission," foreign minister says • William Schabas, appointed to head U.N. probe, calls on Israel to cooperate • In Channel 2 interview, Schabas refuses to categorize Hamas a terrorist organization.

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You serious or joking? Josh Harvey<br>BigRedReport Publisher<br> or <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"><img src=" .png"/></a><br><br><img .. .

Wave of anti-Israel protests sweeps countries worldwide
Tens of thousands gather in London's Hyde Park to demand U.K. stop arms deals with Israel, call for an end to the Gaza blockade • British MP under police investigation for suggesting his city be an "Israel-free zone." Dan Lavie, Yoni Hirsch, News ...

Death of Israeli toddler triggers large-scale evacuation
"I take comfort in knowing that you were loved until the very last moment," says mother at funeral • Lapid: "No reason why we should continue bearing such pain" • Overwhelming majority of Nahal Oz residents leave as a result of ongoing rocket fire.

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