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'The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis must be stopped'
Israel fears world powers are rushing toward "very bad deal" with Iran • Minister Yuval Steinitz: Even minimal conditions for worthy framework deal are far from being realized • PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with Russian, Indian leaders about Iran deal.

Yemen conflict indicative of 'broader sectarian war' in Middle East
Saudi Arabia steps up airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi insurgents in Yemen, in move largely seen as disappointment from U.S. Mideast policies, attempt to assert regional independence • Hezbollah warns Saudi "adventure" will escalate regional tensions.

Palestinian PM visits Gaza, underscores unity message
Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah kicks off three-day visit to Gaza Strip • "To our people in the Gaza Strip, I say that we will never accept to separate Gaza or isolate it," Hamdallah says at press conference in Gaza City. Reuters and Israel ...

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Israel "very concerned" that Obama administration is "rushing to an agreement" with Iran, Israeli official says • Israel expects international pressure on peace process with Palestinians as a means to draw attention away from "bad deal" with Iran ...

WATCH: Israel Hayom Insider on Netanyahu's election victory
In an election full of surprises, what was the feeling on the inside of the Likud campaign? • Editor Steve Ganot speaks with the Voice of's Ruthie Blum and public relations consultant Stuart Schnee about last week's Knesset election. Steve ...

After delay, Obama congratulates Netanyahu on election win
Despite tensions, American president says U.S. values its close cooperation and partnership with Israel • Obama says Washington will "re-assess" its options on U.S.-Israel relations in light of Netanyahu's remarks on Palestinian statehood. Shlomo ...

Khamenei decries Republican letter, bemoans US 'tricks'
Iran's supreme leader decries U.S. "backstabbing" • Says warning by Republican senators that nuclear deal signed by President Barack Obama could be revoked after he leaves office is "a sign of the U.S. system's internal disintegration." News Agencies ...

Islamic State executes 'Mossad spy' from east Jerusalem
Gruesome video by terrorist group depicts execution of Israeli Arab Mohamed Said Ismail Musalam, 19, said to be an Israeli intelligence agent • Victim's brother: May Allah punish these animals • Islamic State claims to know of 13 other "Mossad spies.".

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