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2017 Tesla Model 3 Starting Price: $50000, According To A Sobering Report On ...
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk poses with a Tesla Model S electric car in Tokyo, Sept. 8, 2014. A new report predicts Tesla's Model 3 will either get a range below 200 miles per charge or it will cost significantly more than the $35,000 company is aiming for.

Kendall Jenner: Model Bosses Think She's 'Too Fat' — Ridiculous?
You won't believe what a magazine is claiming about her weight! In the latest issue of Famous mag, Kendall Jenner is on blast for being too fat to be a model! The 18-year-old model isn't a stranger to criticism but this headline may be taking things a ...

Meet Beryl, the lifelike 3D model made using scans of an elderly lady
Every feature, every wrinkle and every hair in this image has been painstakingly designed to create an ultra-realistic model. The 3D model is based on 77-year-old actress Beryl Nesbitt, and was made using high-resolution scans taken on a 94-camera rig.

GM to Build New Cadillac Model in Detroit
The auto maker, which declined to name the model, said the new luxury car will be priced above the CTS and XTS models and will be publicly unveiled during the first half of next year. "The objective for this upcoming model is to lift the Cadillac range ...

Emporio Armani criticised after parading stick-thin women on Milan catwalk
The average clothes size worn by British women is a size 16. So when Emporio Armani started parading stick-thin models yesterday, the fashion house should have known it was in for savage criticism. Many campaigners thought they had seen the back of the ...

Model Mean Girls! Kendall Jenner Reportedly Bullied at NY Fashion Week
Newbie model Kendall Jenner reportedly wasn't welcomed on the NY Fashion Week runway by some of the other models. Model Mean Girls! Kendall Jenner Reportedly Bullied at NY Fashion Week. Getty. A source told In Touch, “The other models worked so ...

For Poor Countries, China Is No Model
But too many governments in the developing world are moving backward, not forward—responding to popular discontent by following some version of what they see as the "China model." The results could be dire for the global economy. The sheer size of the ...

Nate Silver: Sam Wang's model showing Democratic Senate advantage 'is wrong'
Today, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight posted a long explanation of how his Senate forecasting model works this year — check out Vox's new forecasting hub to see how it compares to several other models. But in today's post, Silver mentions that he has ...

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