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10 things you didn't know about the Tesla Model S
By now you've surely heard of the Insane Mode acceleration in the high-performance Tesla Model S P85D electric car. Beyond that go-fast button, we've found a ton of other features in the few weeks we've owned our P85D that you might not have heard of.

Teen accused of killing 'Next Top Model' contestant, 3 others
Puhar was a former contestant on the show "America's Next Top Model." Documents released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department indicate that there was drug activity at the Norris Avenue home. The warrants also describe acts of violence that ...

The best hurricane forecasting model isn't American
The key for local officials is to minimize the evacuation zone—and a model that forecasts landfall needs to be as close as possible. Being off by 50, 100 or 150 miles is a major problem, and it hurts the ability for the public to trust the models in ...

Here's the extreme diet regular people used to look like underwear models in ...
Mortiz tells AdWeek they agreed to the shoot for the good of the company and their clients. Getting model-thin in a hurry took a great deal of mental and physical endurance, and it's that kind of diligent dedication that Viceroy wanted to communicate ...

Cher Is Marc Jacobs' Latest Model
This is just the beginning…. More to come!!” Jacobs wrote to accompany the Instagram image. And in the New York Times article about the duo's Met Gala moment, it's apparent that Cher has been a muse for Jacobs long before she was a model.

Fashion Forward! Model Brittny Gastineau Debuts Clothing Collection On HSN ...
Brittny Gastineau: I signed with the FORD Modeling agency in NYC when I was 3 years old so I have been exposed to fashion my entire life. My mother was also a model in her youth and parlayed that hands on education in fashion into a successful business.

Zazie in Cole Valley to convert to tipless, all-inclusive model
Piallat says that she has been informally polling customers about the change, and citing the ease of Uber model, nearly everyone is in favor of eliminating the end-of-meal dance that is our American tipping custom. “I've always thought tipping is a ...

Fashion, plus-size modeling and race: When 'diversity' isn't so diverse
Which is why I was thrilled to learn that Holliday -- who captured headlines when she became the first model of her stature to sign with a major modeling agency -- made the cover of People magazine. There she was, in all her bountiful glory, with the ...

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