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France considers ban on ultra-skinny models from catwalks
It would oblige models to provide medical certificates showing their Body Mass Index, or BMI. Any agency that took on someone whose BMI was below an as yet unspecified minimum would face a maximum six-month prison term and a €75,000 (£54,000) fine.

3-D printed organs offer ultra-realistic practice models
(Tokyo-AFP) - An incision from the surgeon's scalpel sends liquid oozing over the surface of a the lung, but on this occasion it doesn't matter if something goes wrong -- the doctor can simply create another model with a 3D printer. The ultra-realistic ...

French bid to ban ultra-skinny models derailed
Socialist MP and neurologist Olivier Véran had pushed for ban on skinny models by proposing an amendment to Health Minister Marisol Touraine's recent reform package, which has already proved controversial and has seen doctors protesting across Paris.

CompTIA to unveil new ultra-simple business model assessment tool
IT trade association CompTIA is developing a new assessment tool designed to help technology solution providers get better insight into their financial and operating models. The CompTIA Business Model Benchmark will be previewed at the CompTIA ...

French lawmakers debate ban on ultra-thin models
"I believe that models should eat well and look after their health", Touraine told French news channel BFMTV on Tuesday. One of the amendments would prevent model agencies employing ultra-skinny models and force them to provide a medical certificate ...

Ultra thin models big turn-off for shoppers: study
A New Zealand professor says his research proves ultra-thin models are a turn-off for female shoppers. Massey University marketing expert Leo Paas said his research showed models who were "neither too thin nor too large" have the most positive reaction ...

Range Rover Ultra-Luxury Model Will Purportedly Debut at the 2015 New York ...
The latter publication also published a teaser photo of the 2015 Jaguar XF next to the 2016 Range Rover ultra-luxury model, but there's a catch to it all. Try running a Google Search for that teaser photo. Results? Nothing. Now try to search for the ...

Ban on ultra-thin models being debated in France
The measure being debated by French lawmakers would require models to have a body mass index of at least 18, CNN reports. Modeling agencies would have to provide medical certificates, and models would have to submit to regular weight checks.

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