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France's ultra-thin ideal is passe but not a problem says plus-size model
You can make a career as a plus-size model. In France, it's not a career, it's a hobby; there are no clients" Desseaux said. But, she added, "it's not for lack of demand: there are a lot of round women here. Parisian women are round, too. You mustn't ...

French Lawmakers Vote to Ban Ultra-Thin Models, Require Labeling on ...
Top designer brands may be forced to start using models with a more normal body size to show off their latest wares, as France looks toward banning excessively thin models. France's National Assembly, which is the lower house of its parliament ...

Black Aces has a slick new ultra-compact 10+1 12-gauge pump gun
“The DT model solves the main issue with all 12-gauge AOW or SBS shotguns,” said BAT CEO Eric Lemoine. “Traditionally, these weapons suffer from both a lack of capacity and excessive reload times. However, the DT enjoys 10 rounds feeding from the ...

No More Ultra-Skinny Models On Catwalks In France. What About America?
The new law makes the use of ultra-skinny, potentially unhealthy models a criminal infraction. Agents that do so could face prison terms and a fine of 75,000 euros, or around $81,200. Retouching an image to make a model look thinner could mean a fine ...

Ultra Thin 4K TV From Sony Is Thinner Than The iPhone 6
Two members of the new Sony 4K Ultra HD TV family, the X900C and X910C, feature the company's Vanishing Edge™ screen. As its name suggests, they are designed to vanish while users are watching. These models have screens that are virtually ...

Daily Talker: Ban On Ultra-Thin Models
This week, a bill cracking down on skinny models in France will go before a vote as authorities in that country try to crack down on the glorification of dangerously thin women. The measure would only apply within France, but could have symbolic impact ...

France's ultra-thin ideal passé but not problem, says plus-size model
AFP Relaxnews pic, April 13, 2015.France's waif obsession means its fashion sector snubs many women with bigger body types, but there is no need for a ban on ultra-thin models, said the patron of a plus-size Paris catwalk show under way this weekend.

Three Ultra-lux Apple Watch models you've not heard about
Luxury enhancement group Goldgenie have taken it upon themselves to stack even the most expensive models of the Apple Watch with platinum, crystals, and/or diamonds. Not only have they enhanced the Apple Watch Edition with enough ice to freeze your ...

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Motorola fans worried about getting the Android 4.4 upgrade needn'...
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