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Are filipina girls prettier than american girls?
Are filipina girls prettier than american girls? Some guys said this. Are these jerks right? r-than-american-girls-q7773773

girls hostels in Islamabad
I am a student and I am looking for the list of girls hostels in Islamabad, I need an urgent list of hostels providing best facilities and atmosphere. -q24235615

Girls colleges in Islamabad
I need to know about the girls colleges in Islamabad. Which are the girls colleges in Islamabad? d-q24256989

What are the top high Schools in Peshawar?
We will be shifting to Peshawar after a month and I don't want my kids year to be wasted. I want to get admission for them in a school before getting ols-in-Peshawar-q24157106

How many institutes are affiliated with Air university?
Air university is an Air Force university, if any Fazaia school or college is affiliated with it. filiated-with-Air-university-q24212131

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