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Barry Manilow's Plastic Surgeries.

How many times has Barry had plastic surgery and the botox?  I was wondering because I really liked how he looked in 2004, but I don't like t s-q2683868

Barry getting a Surgery

Barry is 50++ years old, but he does not look old at all. Has he had his face lifted or surgery or used botox something? I am really curious. I ca

Why metal heats faster than plastic?

My 2nd grader has a homework problem.  We put a wood spoon, a metal spoon and a plastic spoon in hot water.  We were to find out which o n-wood-or-plastic-q2685921

More hip surgery?

I saw Barry in Vegas on April 11, 2008 and the show was FANTASTIC (he just gets better & better!) but I noticed that his right leg seemed a little

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