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Pakistan Floods » Link Muslims
More Than 20 Million Dollars Collected in UAE for Pakistan ... Floods in Pakistan have destroyed or extensively damaged crops over 4.25 million acres of land, ...

UAE » Link Muslims
More Than 20 Million Dollars Collected in UAE for Pakistan ... A nationwide fund raising campaign in the United Arab Emirates UAE Red Crescent under the ...

2010 Pakistan floods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chinese Red Cross also gave $50,000 USD in cash to Pakistan. ... On 20 September, China dispatched 4 of its military helicopters to aid in the .... The Irish public had provided an additional sum of more than €2.5 million by 20 August. ... of the Netherlands collected more than 17 million euros for relief aid in Pakistan.

Economy of Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However as Pakistan has a population of over 186 million (the world's .... Year, Gross Domestic Product, US Dollar Exchange, Inflation Index ... tax base, and more efficient tax collection as a result of self-assessment schemes and corruption ... Pakistan came highest in South Asia and also was ranked higher than China and ...

Million dollar mosques surrounded by hungry Muslims – The ...
Apr 16, 2011 ... The UAE has an adult literacy rate of 90 per cent, whereas half of Pakistan's adult population is illiterate ... Clearly, there are some who have more than what is needed for their population ... You would have saved on Minar-e-Pakistan, too. ..... It was built over a period of 20 years by a legion of Indian labour. lar-mosques-surrounded-by-hungry-muslims/

General Assembly Calls for Strengthened Emergency Relief to Meet ...
Aug 19, 2010 ... Indeed, 15 million to 20 million people needed shelter, food and ... As more than 20 delegations, representatives of major donors and regional groups ... United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Norway, ... and hospitals meant that Pakistan had suffered billions of dollars in losses.

UNHCR - United Arab Emirates
2014 UNHCR regional operations profile - Middle East ... Within the country, there were more than 6.8 million people in need of ... In 2014, the financial requirements for the subregion have decreased slightly to USD ... 20 April 2014, Easter Sunday .... New UAE, UNHCR partnership agreement to aid displaced in Pakistan

Is Waar a hit? - Blogs - DAWN.COM
Oct 27, 2013 ... Unfortunately, most people who talk in terms of hits and flops have little actual ... loosely as a reflection of intangible 'media buzz' rather than in economic terms. ... The second thing that one needs to know is that in Pakistan, producers only ... the production cost of the film was 20 crore rupees (US$2 million).

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