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United Nations » Link Muslims
US President Joins Pressure Team, Wants Davis Treated as Diplomat ... Miguel D'escoto Brockmann, the president of the UN General Assembly, termed Israel's ...

USA » Link Muslims
Regarding the issue of Raymond Davis, former foreign minister Shah Mehmood ... US President Joins Pressure Team, Wants Davis Treated as Diplomat.

John R. Bolton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bolton served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from August 2005 until .... Before joining the George W. Bush administration, Bolton was senior vice president for .... The intelligence analysts seemed to want to limit the assessment to a ..... concerning his diplomatic style and his treatment of colleagues and staff.

John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kennedy ranks highly in public opinion ratings of U.S. presidents but there is a .... golf, and swimming teams and earned a spot on the varsity swimming team. ... Kennedy joined the U.S. Navy, with the influence of the director of the Office of ... After receiving treatment for his back injury, he was released from active duty in ...

David Hicks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hicks was detained by the United States in Guantanamo Bay detention camp from 2001 ... over Hicks' treatment, the evidence tendered against him, his trial outcome, and ... 2004 under a military commission system newly created by Presidential Order. ... Hicks's legal team attributed his acceptance of the plea bargain to his ...

David Cameron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While at Oxford he was a member of the Bullingdon Club. He then joined the Conservative Research Department and became Special ..... when pressure from currency speculators forced the Pound sterling out of the ..... Cameron, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during the 2010 G-20 Toronto summit.

North Korea arrests 24 year old American citizen trying to claim ...
Apr 25, 2014 ... North Korea has arrested and detained an American citizen, the ... alleged arrest – while U.S. President Barack Obama is in the middle of ... Join the discussion .... which you stated they DO NOT want, and you treated her like slime. .... pressure on the Government of the Russian Federation to withdraw them. 24-year-old-american-citizen/

Former Clinton Advisor Lanny Davis: Time For a Special Prosecutor ...
4 days ago ... Second, it's unfortunate Davis only wants a special prosecutor for the sake of optics rather ... Buy Katie's book today and help us keep the pressure on the Left. ... Central American Presidents Visit White House ... Join the Debate! ... Surely what she has done in her capacity as a citizen (rather than merely not ... 21/former-clinton-advisor-lanny-davis-time-for-a-s pecial-prosecutor-for-irs-n1864217

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