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Eid-ul-Adha: -
month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr which are decided in accordance with the local ... Muslims in various parts of the world should celebrate Eid-ul-Adha on the 10th ..... Why then it has become obligatory for Muslims today in United States and. df

Eid al-Adha is connected with Hajj -
and the one who has not yet slaughtered should slaughter the sacrifice chanting Allah's .... They maintain that Muslims all over the globe, just like Eid al-Fitr, ..... Hanbali sources to make the point that these juristic authorities are united in their. f

Will Muslims be United on Moon Sighting for Eid this year? » Link ...
The websites like provides very accurate moon visibility maps .... all muslims should be united no matter where we live in the world and eid ... on-sighting-for-eid

Eid al-Fitr in United States - Time and Date
Many Muslims in the United States celebrate Eid al-Fitr (also known as Id al-Fitr or ... What do people do? ... This is because the month of Shawwal begins, and hence the month of Ramadan ends, after a confirmed sighting of the new moon.

Eid ul-Fitr 2014: A Celebration At The End Of Ramadan (PHOTOS)
Jul 27, 2014 ... One of the most joyous days in the Islamic calendar, Eid al-Fitr, also known as Eid ... This year Eid ul-Fitr will most likely be obser... ... This year Eid ul-Fitr will most likely be observed on Monday, July 28, 2014, in the United States. ... Muslims use a lunar calendar and a moon-sighting methodology that can ... tr-2014_n_5605544.html

Eid al-Fitr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eid al-Fitr has a particular Salat (Islamic prayer) consisting of two Rakats (units) and .... it is the day (beginning at sunset) of the first sighting of the crescent moon ...... For Eid al-Fitr, just as in the United States, most Canadian Muslims will take a  ...

Muslims Should Adopt Moon sighting to Establish Ramadan” – The ...
Aug 15, 2010 ... Do we really want to throw it all away; just so that we can say we are united on one day out of the year and perhaps get a special “Eid Day” sale ... adopt-moon-sighting-to-establish-ramadan-the-goatm ilk-debates/

When Is Eid? Muslims Can't Seem To Agree : The Two-Way : NPR
Aug 30, 2011 ... Why do Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr on different days? ... Today, many Muslims in the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan ... lunar, rather than solar, each month begins when the moon is sighted. 056443/when-is-eid-muslims-cant-seem-to-agree

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