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General election live: Booths open at 7am across the country on polling day
David Cameron said the way voters cast their ballots would "define a generation" and appealed for more time to build a better Britain, warning a Labour government would be "held to ransom" by Scottish nationalists. But Ed Miliband accused him of hiding ...
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First Take: Netanyahu points to unbridgeable divide
It was an extraordinary and unprecedented scene: The leader of a close ally, given Congress' most prominent platform and using it to denounce a major foreign policy initiative of the American president. ... And as Netanyahu was speaking, Obama just ...
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EU summit begins in acrimony with Greek PM told to implement reform
But Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, warned: “Don't expect a solution, don't expect a breakthrough”. Instead the leaders looked set to use the meeting late this evening between Mr Tsipras, Ms Merkel, the French President François Hollande, and the ...
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Prince Charles 'black spider' letters published: After 10-year legal battle ...
The letters, which have been released after a 10-year legal tussle with The Guardian costing taxpayers an estimated £400,000, will raise renewed concerns about the likely attitude of the self-confessed “meddler” prince to the elected executive when he ...
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Labour drops its opposition to Tory EU referendum plans
“I think that we have got the same concerns that you should contribute into the benefits system before you take out,” she told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show. “We have got additional concerns about making sure there is not underpayment of the minimum wage ...
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