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Will Google's Nexus Android Gaming Console Flop?
Granted, only some Android games will work properly with a controller, but an instant library of launch titles can be highly appealing to fledgling console developers. But since smartphones and tablets still account for the majority of Android devices ...
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America's energy future is starting to look like our energy past
Taking the nukes first, it certainly is not news that utilities all across the United States — including Xcel Energy in Minnesota — have sought federal approval for programs to refurbish nuclear reactors as they come to the end of their operating ...
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Average American gives $500 in 'free' work to their company each year ...
Ugh. Merely returning to pre-2000 vacation rates would mean folks would take 27 percent more vacation, creating 768 million more vacation days, worth a $284 billion jolt to the economy. Worse yet, the report found that Americans are taking less ...
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Expelled Nazis got millions in Social Security
The AP's findings are the result of more than two years of interviews, research and analysis of records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and other sources. The Justice Department denied using Social Security payments as a tool for ...
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Taking Away the Right to Vote
Los Angeles is one place in the land of the free, for example, which is requiring thousands of people with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other intellectual or developmental disabilities to pass a literacy test before being granted the ...
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