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2015 US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue
The two sides affirmed that the expansion of Iraq's oil and natural gas production and export benefit both the stability and development of the global energy markets and the lasting peace of Iraq. ... Wildlife Trafficking: The United States and China ...
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Inge Jan Henjesand, BI Norwegian
The newly appointed president of BI Norwegian takes an approach that is both candid and nuanced — a far cry from the gung-ho marketing stance of many of his North American counterparts. What is ... As well as the more predictable programmes — for ...
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Norwegian businesses warned of 'wake-up call' on corruption
Her remarks follow the resignation last month of Jon Fredrik Baksaas, chief executive of Norwegian telecoms group Telenor, from the board of Russian telco VimpelCom after media allegations that the Norwegian telecoms group turned a blind eye to the ...
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Norway faces up to prospect of North Sea slowdown
The Scandinavian country is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, thanks to 40 years of North Sea oil production. The global financial crisis barely registered amid decades of almost nonstop growth.
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Norway oil fund plans to withdraw from coal-burning utilities
Norway's $916bn oil fund will consider pulling billions of dollars of investments out of coal in a move that threatens European utilities using the fossil fuel to generate power. Members of the finance committee of Norway's parliament confirmed on ...
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