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Three-way council race in Ward 8
The residents of Ward 8 need to know they have a public servant who will fight for what is important to them. As an employee of OSU, I am passionate about education because it is the great equalizer. I'm committed to finding ways our city can work with ...
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Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Always the Safest Bet
But one of the things you'll hear from entrepreneurs is it's better—not necessarily easier—to build companies when there's a recession because there's less froth,4The term became popular after Alan Greenspan used it circa May 2005 to describe the ...
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Gen Xers, boomers and millennials — navigating generations in workforce
There are currently three generations in today's workforce, each with its own characteristics and motivations. ... “The response was great. I've heard from several people who were interested in getting a copy to share with their office,” Young said ...
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10 Powerful Practices From 10 Highly Respected People
By Thai Nguyen for Published October 24, 2014. FOXBusiness. Bill Gates, Gates Foundation. REUTERS. There are over 7 billion people in the world. A single trait sets a small handful apart; celebrated and emulated individuals have ...
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8 Strategies To Find The Perfect Business Partner
Often, the most successful teams are made up of people who worked together in the past. On the other ... During that process I learned that many successful partnerships share some key characteristics. Here is ... Find someone with a complementary set ...
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