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Tradimento: chi ci casca è più stupido
Ma lo sarebbe anche negare il fatto che un tempo ci si spostava con carrozze trainate da cavalli e ora si può addirittura prendere l'aereo. ...
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Cuoio e stivali. La Francia sogna la donna libertina
Mette la sottoveste con le cappe di cuoio stile equitazione. Stivali inguinali, sempre. E' sesso puro la signora ipotizzata da Galliano. ...
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US should end solitary confinement
Evidence suggests that prolonged isolation is also counterproductive: Instead of deterring violence and recidivism, it increases both. For example ... By design, solitary confinement separates prisoners that officials cannot manage in general ...
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David Cameron to cut amount families can claim within days of Tory victory
The current £26,000 cap would be cut to £23,000 within days of the Tories winning the general election, the Prime Minister will say. As the campaign enters its final 100 days with two polls showing his party has moved into a narrow lead, Mr Cameron is ...
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When an officer does wrong, who investigates?
Details released last week of another detective's investigation into James Greene's admitted sexual act, which he says was consensual, reveal a he-said, she-said contest over what transpired between two people at police headquarters sometime after 2:50 ...
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Chancellor wants UK plc to back Tories on economic record
Osborne is not expecting business to publicly back the Conservatives in May but believes the tacit support for key government policies – such as the need for further deficit reduction – could be vital if the election is as tight as the polls suggest ...
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Body Parts for $ale
Under the 1929 North Carolina Sterilization Law, doctors conducted vasectomies, castrations, salpingectomies (surgical removal of the Fallopian tubes) and ovariectomies (surgical removal of one or both ovaries). A financial ... However, research has ...
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