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Tradimento: chi ci casca è più stupido
Ma lo sarebbe anche negare il fatto che un tempo ci si spostava con carrozze trainate da cavalli e ora si può addirittura prendere l'aereo. ...
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Cuoio e stivali. La Francia sogna la donna libertina
Mette la sottoveste con le cappe di cuoio stile equitazione. Stivali inguinali, sempre. E' sesso puro la signora ipotizzata da Galliano. ...
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Autumn Heat Wave Brings Triple Digit Temperatures To California
Usually during a heat wave Southern Californians can tell themselves, "Well, it's hotter in Arizona and Death Valley." Not this time. By mid-afternoon Friday, it was 99 in Long Beach, the same as the temperature in Death Valley, California, which calls ...
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Rogue Valley residents get creative, make sacrifices to conserve water
Like many people in drought-stricken Southern Oregon, Robert Marlowe of Phoenix is doing his part to conserve water. ... When she spots waste around town, Mansfield speaks up about it. She told the city about a leak in Lithia Park and her landlord ...
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Drought-stricken communities slowly getting help
... communities slowly getting help. People living without water in some of the state's most drought-stricken communities are slowly getting some help. ... Paul Boyer with Self-Help Enterprises said, "This way you can have water in your home like ...
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Drought has 14 communities on the brink of waterlessness
Under the blistering Central Valley sun, Filiberta Sanchez and her toddler granddaughter strolled down a Parkwood sidewalk lined with yellow weeds, dying grass and trees more fit for kindling than shade. "It was very pretty here, very pretty," said ...
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Fatal stabbing may stay a mystery
(AP) — Hundreds of people living in a drought-stricken California farm town could soon be taking their first hot shower in months after county officials set up portable facilities in a church parking lot. Residents of East Porterville in the ...
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