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Tradimento: chi ci casca è più stupido
Ma lo sarebbe anche negare il fatto che un tempo ci si spostava con carrozze trainate da cavalli e ora si può addirittura prendere l'aereo. ...
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Cuoio e stivali. La Francia sogna la donna libertina
Mette la sottoveste con le cappe di cuoio stile equitazione. Stivali inguinali, sempre. E' sesso puro la signora ipotizzata da Galliano. ...
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John Kostrzewa: Rhode Island's future is all about jobs
But this election, and the state's future, is all about jobs. Anyone who looks at the data can come to only one conclusion — this has to change. John Kostrzewa is the Journal's assistant managing editor/business, commerce and consumer issues. Reach ...
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Minnesota colleges get $17.5M to train students for jobs of the future
The U.S. Department of Labor will send funds to 14 campuses within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system in an effort to prepare the next generation of workers. MPR News reports the $17.5 million in federal grants will fund training for ...
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The future of tech jobs: 5 themes to watch
When you look deeply at the future of tech jobs in the way ZDNet and TechRepublic did in our special feature -- "The State of IT Jobs: Winners and Losers" -- a number of key themes emerge. We highlighted the main takeaways across the various articles ...
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Do You Really Want to Pick That Major? A New Study Predicts Future Most ...
The most surprising finding of the study is that STEM occupations—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—don't top the list of jobs that will face labor shortages, despite the drumbeat of warnings that the U.S. isn't producing enough STEM ...
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What will the future of Michigan's job market look like?
There has been a surge in hiring lately due to the rebounding auto industry, and the future employment picture could change dramatically with more tech jobs added if billionaire Dan Gilbert and other investors succeed in turning greater downtown ...
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