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Tradimento: chi ci casca è più stupido
Ma lo sarebbe anche negare il fatto che un tempo ci si spostava con carrozze trainate da cavalli e ora si può addirittura prendere l'aereo. ...
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Cuoio e stivali. La Francia sogna la donna libertina
Mette la sottoveste con le cappe di cuoio stile equitazione. Stivali inguinali, sempre. E' sesso puro la signora ipotizzata da Galliano. ...
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Infertility: Causes, remedies and options
It used to be thought that infertility was primarily a woman's problem, but that is not the case. Men and women are affected almost equally, with 30% due to male factors, 30% due to female factors. The other 40% is often due to a mixture of problems ...
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Study: High-fat Western diet increases chances of prostate cancer
(CNN) If you're one of the nearly 3 million men currently living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, listen up: A new study says what you eat makes a big difference as to how long you'll live with your cancer. "There is currently very little evidence ...
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Suboxone: What is the drug linked to Charleston shooting suspect?
(CNN) Charleston mass shooting suspect Dylann Roof was questioned by police in February, 2015, for "asking out of the ordinary questions" of employees at two stores in the Columbiana Mall in Columbia, South Carolina. A search found a "small unlabeled ...
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A better night's sleep is all in your head
(CNN) Do you toss and turn at night, yearning for a good night's sleep? According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 50 million to 70 million American adults have a sleep or wakefulness disorder that can affect their lives in serious ways ...
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Heartbroken parents: Please add new vaccine to stave off meningitis strain
Stelzer is in Atlanta, planning to deliver remarks to CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices when it meets on Wednesday for its quarterly meeting. She hopes the committee will change its prior recommendation and agree to add a new vaccine ...
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