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Sherk boxes his way to a loss against Edgar
He faced the new breed of mixed martial artist in Frank Edgar, was simply too slow and one-dimensional in his boxing approach. Sherk stood in front of Edgar ...
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'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' trailer promises explosive finale
If, like a lot of fans (including me), you thought the second-to-last movie in the "Hunger Games" series lacked a little action, the just-released trailer for "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" should be heartening. The trailer starts out sedately ...
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iOS app Kite brings a new way to get and share the news
Tapping on an article in Kite's news feed opens the article but keeps you within the Kite app instead of kicking you out to Safari. From an article, you can then navigate to other areas of a news site. And you'll see ads only on news sites themselves ...
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How to disable Apple Music's automatic renewal
I don't sign up for services or trials that require an opt-out to keep from being charged. To me that smacks of unethical behavior. It may be all legal and claimed to be "so our service isn't interrupted", but face it, most people will forget and end ...
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Keep watching a show and browse the guide on the Xfinity X1 box
A reader emailed asking if there was a way to keeping watching a show in a small window while he flipped through the channel guide. I'm happy to report there are two ways -- shockingly simple, one-button ways. 1. When are you viewing the Guide -- or ...
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Explained: How the Oculus Rift streams PC and Xbox One games
So, while all Windows 10 users (with strong enough hardware) will be able to stream their Xbox One games to their PC, Oculus owners will then have the extra ability of being able to view those games in the headset instead of on their PC screen. Keep in ...
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