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Sherk boxes his way to a loss against Edgar
He faced the new breed of mixed martial artist in Frank Edgar, was simply too slow and one-dimensional in his boxing approach. Sherk stood in front of Edgar ...
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Atacaman Volcanoes Pierce the Sky
The Sun was low on the horizon, so the snow on the volcanoes is pinkish-orange. The peaks ... See the bus making its way across the picture in the foreground? That's taking ... I have to see. It's a big world, and you could spend 10 lifetimes trying to ...
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Thunderstorms Likely in Philadelphia Area Tonight
Strong storms have already developed in Central Pennsylvania. In addition to an 80 percent chance of rain Monday, the NWS also forecasts a 70 percent chance of rain on Tuesday night. A flash flood watch (details below) has been issued for Philadelphia ...
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Record-Breaking Nor'easter Delivers More Snow
... but rain, even some thunder and lightning moved into parts of the region including New Jersey and Delaware earlier this evening. Sleet fell for a short time in the Philadelphia area and around 10 p.m., snow and thundersnow took its place. Tonight's ...
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SNEŽNA OLUJA OKOVALA ISTOČNU OBALU Stotine hiljada ljudi bez struje u ...
Reports of thundersnow from northern Virginia to Philadelphia -- means potential for heavy snowfall rates! — Capital Weather Gang (@capitalweather) November 26, 2014. Z oluji je oÅ¡tećena mreža dalekovoda. ViÅ¡e od 78 hiljada u ...
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Buffalo, Western New York Buried by Another Wave of Snow
“So its just going to prolong people getting in and trying clearing the snow away — that's just not going to happen until the weekend.” advertisement ... which includes Buffalo. Because wet air blowing in from Lake Erie is so much warmer than the ...
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