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Sherk boxes his way to a loss against Edgar
He faced the new breed of mixed martial artist in Frank Edgar, was simply too slow and one-dimensional in his boxing approach. Sherk stood in front of Edgar ...
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One Fool's GABF Eats Guide to Denver for Brewers and Beer Geeks
Pair any of these up with a side of Fried Mac 'n' Cheese, Deep Fried Pickles, or my favorite, Charred Tahini Cauliflower, and you, my friend, have just EATEN. ... How's a small plate of Butternut Squash Lasagna with Tokyo Turnips, Brown Butter ...
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On the Menu: Customers are family at Poway's Mamma Teresa
“Poway reminded me of my city, Naples. The beach, the mountains ... Ravida also developed the balsamic vinaigrette that is used for the Antipasto alla' Italiana ($9.95), a combination of fresh spinach, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, artichoke, cheese ...
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9 gourmet grilled cheese recipes that are easy to make
Before running to the nearest sandwich shop in hopes of finding your taste buds' cheesy soul mate, consider this: Grilled cheese is one of the easiest (and cheapest!) sandwiches you can make at home. And odds are you have the ingredients on hand. It's ...
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Greek Festival in Fitchburg hails proud traditions
"We cooked a lot of food in the past week! Spanakopita is one of my favorites, it has spinach, a cheese topping and it's baked. Really, really good! People tell us that they come just for that, our food is so good. We spent hours and hours on the ...
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Gusto Trattoria, Milford
Outside of Milford, most people seem to be unaware of it. Perhaps the disconnect is due to its location halfway between New Haven and the Gold Coast, two areas in which many of our better Italian restaurants are concentrated. Perhaps it's because it ...
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