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Dublin CHP officer suspected of secretly forwarding DUI suspect's nude photos
"We believe Officer Harrington committed a clandestine and illegal intrusion into her privacy which is unspeakable considering his sworn duty to protect the public. My client remains understandably distraught as we await further information about who ...
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Ed Board candidate: Laurie Lieberman
Discipline should rely on consequences that “fit the crime,” on principles of “restorative justice” and should include counseling and interventions focused on preventing the repeat of undesired behavior. How can Santa Monica-Malibu remain competitive ...
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Another road to justice
In the Green Bay program, a few volunteers serve as representatives of the people who have been harmed by the inmates. In the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, however, participants in a restorative justice program talk directly to the ...
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Ed Board candidate: Ralph Mechur
We need to look at the continuation of payments on outstanding capital improvement bonds, the continuation of the existing parcel tax, the distribution of SMMUSD assets between the new districts, employee issues, future bonding capacity and above all ...
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Easing the Burden: Planning a funeral
In addition to caring for the deceased person's remains, presenting options for the funeral, and offering guidance to the family, the funeral director acts as an overall coordinator, often linking with religious institutions or businesses involved with ...
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