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Mimi Spencer's fabulous 5:2 fast beach diet: Lose up to 12lb in 6 weeks!
The most challenging weeks of the year may be looming on the sun-kissed horizon, but that's no reason to bury your head in the sand or collapse into a kaftan for cover. We have a plan. ... I've written the Fast Beach Diet to be used as a primer for the ...
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Grim findings in home of man accused of killing, dismembering his mom
The dishes looked clean, but between the teeth of the rusty saw, police spotted a small piece of what appeared to be a tendon or muscle fiber. They also found human hair in the drain. Those are among the discoveries investigators say were in the ...
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Six tricks that filter back the years: Revolutionary new anti-ageing treatments
The liquid forehead lift 'We use a very fine cannula that allows for a virtually painless and precise application of hyaluronic acid [filler] to lift, smooth and hydrate forehead lines rather than paralysing muscles. This method can also be used on the ...
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Get, set, glow on your D-day
Exercise tightens the skin, creates muscle tone and stimulates hormonal mood enhancers which make us feel good, says fitness expert Neeraj Mehta. And when we feel good, we look good too. Great ways to lose body fat and bring out muscle mass include ...
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The essential guide to the basics of cooking, with Henry Dimbleby
Meat is made up of juicy muscle cells and connecting fibres. The fibres are made principally of collagen, which is tough. Collagen starts to break down slowly at roughly 50C/120F. A little bit hotter than that and the muscle cells start to break down ...
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