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Obama's Immigration Action: What It All Means
WASHINGTON—. A new political fight is brewing in Washington after President Barack Obama announced executive action to protect nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. But what does the order actually mean? And who are the ...
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3 Attica Guards Resign in Deal to Avoid Jail
The resolution of the case came more than three years after corrections officers beat a 29-year-old inmate, George Williams, at the prison in western New York. He suffered two broken legs, broken ribs, a broken shoulder and a severe fracture of his eye ...
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Embassy Reopenings Top Americans' List in Cuba Talks
The official also said a human rights dialogue would be the first open conversation between the U.S. and Cuba after diplomatic ties were resumed. Last month in Havana, the U.S. and Cuba began a series of meetings to re-establish ties. The U.S. imposed ...
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Madison chief to shooting victim's family: 'I am sorry'
The shooting came just days after the U.S. Justice Department issued a report blasting the Ferguson, Mo. , police force for a pattern of racial profiling and discrimination against its majority-black populace. While Madison police thus far have not ...
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More US Cities Offering IDs to Undocumented Immigrants
Proponents of the cards say that undocumented immigrants are at risk specifically because they don't have any form of ID. For instance, Plum noted, undocumented immigrants who are victims of crimes may be afraid to call police because they have no way ...
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