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Local golf: Events calendar, instruction
Contact: Patty Gift,, 287-5672; Mourine White at, 262-5948, Golf Channel ... Nonmembers are welcome to continue competing in select events with a $25 per event fee. ... John Carroll ...
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The 1300 Bird Species Facing Extinction Signal Threats to Human Health
And, again, birds are telling us this tale: A recent study reported that birds of prey in South Carolina still carry as much DDT and other legacy pesticides in their bodies as they did before such chemicals were banned in the 1970s, "suggesting ...
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Big Year of birdwatching continues in July
And the elusive White Pelicans which still remain at East Harbor State Park. Exploring new places is ... Neotropics are birds that spend their winter in Central and South America and come north each year to breed and raise their families. The Yellow ...
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Get binoculars ready as bird migrations begin
White pelicans generally start appearing at area lakes and wetland areas in September. Catching a glimpse of migrating pelicans requires stealth and luck, but it can be done. ... Lakes, streams and marshes will continue to be good places to look for birds.
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Bird Notes | Final broods finishing as summer ends
The wading bird bonanza continues at Huntington Beach State Park, with as many as 13 roseate spoonbills reported in the causeway area on Aug. 22. Numerous wood storks, great and snowy egrets, great blue, little ... As many as 60 roseate spoonbills were ...
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