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Look Up! The Quadrantids Are Coming!
The Quadrantids is the first, and it may also be the most spectacular shower of the year, but it is also one of the most unpredictable. Though some estimates suggest sky-watchers may spot 100 meteors (or "shooting stars") per hour, that number is far ...
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Quadrantid Meteor Shower To Peak Early Wednesday
With clear to fair skies overhead, Colorado should be in for a decent view of the Quadrantids. Unlike some meteor showers, this one will not be hindered by a bright moon. The waxing gibbous moon will set at 3:12 am and sunrise is not until 7:21 am ...
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Meteor shower
By Elizabeth Flock The Quadrantid meteor shower is unpredictable and sometimes difficult to see, but skygazers say tonight will be clear and dark enough that the first meteor shower of the year may also be the best. The Quadrantid meteor shower in 2009 ...
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Quadrantid meteors and 11 other big skywatching events of 2012
And you won't have to wait long for the action to begin. On Jan. 4, the Quadrantid meteor shower will peak with an estimated 100 meteors per hour, according to NASA. Hopefully your local weather will cooperate on most, if not all, of these dates. ...
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Shed light on charity races
In such relationships, the telemarketing company keeps a percentage – often a hefty one – of the cash raised. That's why in 2000 the New York state Attorney General's Office started publishing the Pennies for Charity report, an annual document that ...
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Gang-gang - Magpies to Parliament!
My essay has attracted lots of criticism (and I am easily bruised), but my observation that we have a lot to learn from other local governments and peoples of the world when it comes to encouraging citizen-lake relationships has received an ...
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Respect is key amid dissolving hierarchies
"This has changed relationships in a profound way: between parents and children, between teachers and students, between doctors and patients, between priests and laity, between government leaders and voters. This disintermediation of hierarchies has ...
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'The 100' season 2: EP teases surprising relationship developments
Beyond the leads, Amell “really enjoyed working with Carlos [Valdes, who plays Cisco]. He's just a very, very fun character and I think that one of the most interesting parts about the whole crossover is an observation that Oliver makes about Harrison ...
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Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude, Courtauld Gallery, review: 'masterfully assured'
Note, too, the intense observation of “unattractive” features such as spiky pubic hair, and the use of non-naturalistic washes to articulate the contours of the body: gangrenous greens, sulphurous yellows, and deep, mottled purples the colour of raw ...
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