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Look Up! The Quadrantids Are Coming!
The Quadrantids is the first, and it may also be the most spectacular shower of the year, but it is also one of the most unpredictable. Though some estimates suggest sky-watchers may spot 100 meteors (or "shooting stars") per hour, that number is far ...
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Quadrantid Meteor Shower To Peak Early Wednesday
With clear to fair skies overhead, Colorado should be in for a decent view of the Quadrantids. Unlike some meteor showers, this one will not be hindered by a bright moon. The waxing gibbous moon will set at 3:12 am and sunrise is not until 7:21 am ...
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Meteor shower
By Elizabeth Flock The Quadrantid meteor shower is unpredictable and sometimes difficult to see, but skygazers say tonight will be clear and dark enough that the first meteor shower of the year may also be the best. The Quadrantid meteor shower in 2009 ...
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Quadrantid meteors and 11 other big skywatching events of 2012
And you won't have to wait long for the action to begin. On Jan. 4, the Quadrantid meteor shower will peak with an estimated 100 meteors per hour, according to NASA. Hopefully your local weather will cooperate on most, if not all, of these dates. ...
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This week in reality TV: Heartbreak on 'Bachelor Canada,' the price of rice on ...
Soap opera star Antonio Sabato Jr. and his professional partner Cheryl Burke were the couple axed this week following a less than impressive waltz that scored a 27/40. "I'm just so proud of Antonio and this has been the most memorable season for me for ...
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The 10: Can't-miss weekend events (Oct. 30-Nov. 2)
There's another side of Halloween for Detroiters to explore this weekend. Instead of your typical tired Oct. 31 ... The Houston Ballet will be making its Opera House debut Saturday and Sunday with two performances of "Giselle," one of the world's most ...
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My Evil Grandmother Turned Me Into a Ghost
... zi chart made me susceptible to seeing ghosts. She said this like I had caught a disease and I should live my life accordingly from that point forward. After she announced this news she went back to watching her Taoist soap opera. Obviously I had ...
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Billboard 200 Chart Moves: Billy Idol Returns With His Highest-Debuting Album
11 (off the strength of his smash single "Cradle of Love," which peaked at No. 2 on the ... Andrea Bocelli, Opera: The Ultimate Collection - No. 57 – Bocelli ... Since 2010, they've charted a combined 23 albums on the chart (18 for the Dead, five for ...
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Life With Father: the long-lost daddy of Broadway
The longest-running musical on Broadway – Lloyd-Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, now 26 years old – has already celebrated its 28th birthday in London's West End. And whereas our Methuselah of straight plays – Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap – has ...
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