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iphone Dev Team Updates Software Jailbreak for iphone OS 3.0
musclenerd said in the video the new jailbreak applies to any iphone 3G running 3.0. Ultrasn0w is an updated version of yellosn0w, the Dev Team's original ...
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B.C. travellers applying 'the gorgeous test' to their overseas vacations
How do people living in a scenic paradise like British Columbia choose a place to visit overseas? That's simple — they apply the gorgeous test. B.C. travellers will beat a path to places in the world that are as gorgeous as the one in which they live ...
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10 must-see places around the world to visit in 2015
Located between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City,. (Credit: TripAdvisor). Located between Hanoi ... TripAdvisor travelers write about the culturally rich attractions such as the Castle of St. Peter and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which ...
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IS reportedly kill hundreds of women and children in seized Palmyra
Many relics have been sold on the black market as part of a lucrative business, which has seen 6,300 artefacts smuggled out of Syria in the last four years. In recent days, the coalition attacked an IS position near Palmyra, which goes by the modern ...
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Photographs of the Ruins of Palmyra Now Threatened by the Islamic State
In anticipation of Islamic State militants seizing the city, Syrian officials have reportedly been moving some smaller artifacts out of Palmyra, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the massive ruins obviously cannot be transported anywhere. Much ...
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Saturday “Gayle on the Go!”, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
Cinco de May – fifth of May – is being celebrated this weekend at the Citadel Outlets. ... The Pasadena Model Railroad Club, one of the largest HO scale operating model railroads in the world, is celebrating 75th years model railroading with an open house.
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