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iphone Dev Team Updates Software Jailbreak for iphone OS 3.0
musclenerd said in the video the new jailbreak applies to any iphone 3G running 3.0. Ultrasn0w is an updated version of yellosn0w, the Dev Team's original ...
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Microsoft's Android alarm app wants you to rise, shine and selfie
With Color Capture, you must take a picture of an object in a given color, and then the app uses computer vision to guarantee that you have completed the task. Similarly, its speech technology will listen to you reading a tongue-twister and confirm ...
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[Deal Alert] Google Offering $10 Google Play Credit With All Chromecast Purchases
Google only charges $35 for the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, which is already a pretty good deal for the functionality. However, they're almost free when you consider all the free stuff Google gives away to Chromecast owners. Case in point, right ...
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Pre-Registration for Nintendo's 'Miitomo' App Starts February 17th, Release ...
All I want to do is pay for the games I'm already playing anyway. Give us an updated retro catalogue. They should probably consult Christian Whitehead, or at least check out the Sonic apps he helped make. That's how retro can be done well. Come on ...
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: An iPhone 6 Killer In Every Regard
Leaked images have pretty much revealed what we can expect from the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE and we also have a fairly decent idea about some of its features — it will support microSD, for instance, and it will be water and dust resistant once ...
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5 Mobile games you need to play right now!
I've been playing a bunch of games I think you might really like. All of these are cross platform, too, while in the demo I used an Android device iOS users shouldn't fret. The only thing on this list you can't get (unless you've jailbroken) is an ...
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