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iphone Dev Team Updates Software Jailbreak for iphone OS 3.0
musclenerd said in the video the new jailbreak applies to any iphone 3G running 3.0. Ultrasn0w is an updated version of yellosn0w, the Dev Team's original ...
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Obama and Castro Ditch Cold War Divisions in Historic Cuba Meeting
U.S. Capitol Shooting Was Suicide: A lockdown at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday was lifted after authorities determined that a shooting in a public area of the building was a suicide and was not connected to terrorism. Authorities said the unidentified ...
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Ben Affleck comes clean on slave ancestry found on PBS Finding My Roots
comments. Ben Affleck today finally admitted the name of the slave ancestor he had censored from his past. ... After appearing on Finding Your Roots and learning one of his ancestors was a slave owner, Affleck pushed the network to leave that ...
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@ The Movies With Mark Hinson
It should run 90 minutes flat, not bludgeon you in the face for nearly two and a half hours. ... Lily James, Cate Blanchett. After her mother croaks, an impossibly sweet young girl is forced to live with an abusive stepmother, obnoxious stepsisters and ...
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Donna Sheehan, a Marshall force, dies at 85
Not long after a life-changing experience at Synanon, the drug rehabilitation center-turned-cult, she moved to Marshall and started a new life as an artist and activist, speaking out against pesticide use, war and a host of other environmental and ...
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Summer 2015 Movie Releases: A Look at What's Coming
In this comedy, Jack Black's insecure reunion committee chairman becomes obsessed with persuading his most famous high school classmate (a scruffy, arrogant James Marsden) to attend. Written and directed ..... Plants can become extinct, just as animals ...
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